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The Broads

Inspired by Pick Up the Pieces

2 friends bound by ovarian cancer join their talents to show that broken does not mean without beauty and promise. These survivors take a different perspective on broken and discarded glass, landfill bound windows, seaglass,  and other found objects to bring new beauty to life in their art just as they see promise in their after diagnosis lives.

Their inspiration for their art comes in part from songs of the 50s, 60s and 70s-happy, sing-along-music that they and so many others grew up with and danced to so many nights with their special someone.

They hope their broken glass art will inspire a new way for everyone to view their own lives.

A portion of all proceeds benefit the ovarian cancer community to support those recently diagnosed and to fund the Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support – a 501c3 nonprofit that assists women and their families undergoing treatment for a gynecological cancer. Thank you for your support,
Deb and Sue

About Sue

As I begin my 12th year of  NED -“no evidence of disease” – I know how fortunate I am to have survived my 2004 diagnosis of Stage I, clear cell ovarian cancer. As I stepped between the worlds of pre-diagnosis and into the post-diagnosis, my life has changed drastically in many respects and not so much in others. What has changed the most is meeting the challenges that all cancer patients are confronted with on a daily basis. I continue to be humbled and amazed by the spirit of others while they are waging their own private wars. As an artist and a survivor, I have been given the gift of opportunity to share my story, inspire others, and be supportive of them and their caregivers-it is an opportunity that I do not take lightly and I hope that our art reflects that mission.

About Deb

Sadly, Deb lost her valiant 9 year battle with ovarian cancer in January 2014. She was my friend, a wonderful mother, wife, grandmother, and an inspiration to all that crossed her path. Deb never stopped believing that she would beat this foe called cancer nor did she ever stop encouraging all of us to believe with her. This is her legacy…, friends, and the foundation – the Partnership for Gynecologocial Cancer Support – these will stand as testaments to her grace, dignity, and determination. Rest in peace my friend.

2 Responses to “The Broads”

  • I saw your work in Acworth and love it! You both are so talented and, I know, are supportive of so many other women….with or without knowing it. Take care and keep creating.

    Sandra Wilkes
    Canton, GA

  • I am the proud owner of two of Sue and Deb’s beautiful pieces. Not only am I thrilled to have their beautiful windows as part of my “treasures”, I am honored to have had the pleasure of getting to know these remarkable women. I co-chair a breast cancer fundraiser, The Pink Affair, and we had one of their mosaics as a live auction item at our annual event. Their mosaic, inspired by “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” raised $1,800.00 for our Foundation. I applaud these talented women in their personal efforts to raise awareness and funds to support the eradication of ovarian cancer. Please invite your friends to visit their website and purchase one of their unique and beautiful mosaics. Judy Suggs, Roswell, GA

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