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Faces of Hope

 We love creating mosaics of dancing flowers, whimsical sea creatures, and friendly garden critters, each inspired by a happy tune of our youths. But in 2012, we also want to honor and remember special people who have journeyed through cancer themselves. Faces of Hope is our tribute to these friends.
Our first piece, Pick up the Pieces, is a self-portrait. On one side, you see a woman with flowing hair, good color, and full lips. While she is beautiful, she is unaware, uninspired, uneducated. On the left, she becomes a woman who has battled ovarian cancer. She has but little hair. She is sharp around the edges. Look into her eye and you see that she is aware. She is a warrior. She is us. 
Our self-portrait is not for sale. But others in this Signature Series are for sale. Some will be used to raise funds at OC charity events. We created I Love Paris for the 2012 Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance Gala, and it was our first work to find a home overseas. With each, we hope to raise awareness. Perhaps one will speak to you.