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Thank you for taking time to view the mosaics. I enjoy creating them and hope – that if you decide to purchase one – that you will enjoy it for years to come.

Here are some guidelines: it is  recommended to hang in a covered area if you choose to hang your mosaic out of doors, but never leave it outside during weather extremes….ie wind, cold, etc. They are great for screened porches, gazebos, wine cellars, or outdoor dining areas. If you are hanging one indoors-think “outside the frame” – build it into a wall or incorporate it with another window-you will definitely enhance your view!

All mosaics come ready to hang with hooks and safety rated chains. Just be sure that you are attaching into wood NOT sheetrock! Sizes are approximate. Please call  for exact dimensions.  Black, white, or brown wood frames are noted in each description and cannot be changed.

Currently,  prices range from $250 to $700. Please call or email for pricing and availability. Prices do not include shipping. Usually $40-$60 covers the costs of packing securely and shipping via UPS (additional charges may apply if the mosaic is over-sized). If you are in the area and would like to meet with me, I will gladly deliver at no cost. Of course, you are always free to take one home from a show! The studio is open only by appointment so please plan ahead.

Additional questions? Please contact me at

Please “double click” on the available mosaics-they are worth a closer look! I hope to hear from you soon.